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Optimizing a One DOF Robot – Genetic Algorithm

The purpose of the present study was to design a flight control system with no pre-determined mathematical model, but instead using a genetic algorithm to maintain the optimal altitude. The study is done through a quantitative empirical research method. Five phases of the genetic algorithm were used to test the one DOF device. An initial population of 100 chromosomes was used during the trial. The throttle value of the device had an associated gene value of 1 second. When the trial of five generations was completed, the total increase percentage was 171 percent. The results showed that testing a one DOF device, in real-time, is possible with no pre-determined mathematical model.



Special Operations Flight Engineer

My job as a flight engineer takes place at Duke Field, AFB. My job includes the following responsibilities: work on radios, engineering duties and loadmaster duties, coordinate with customs, host and assist nations and special operation forces to complete the missions at hand. This job has shown me that I can accomplish anything that I put both my mind and max effort into. This job has given me the opportunity to travel to 30+ countries. Working in a community that is driven, dedicated, and cares for each other has been my favorite work environments that I have worked in.  Being given the opportunity to travel to over 30+ countries while learning how to work on radios, Engineer duties and loadmaster duties while having to coordinate with customs, host nations and special operations forces to complete the mission, has shown me I can accomplish anything that I put maximum effort into.


Airforce – A10 Tactical Aircraft Maintainer

This job taught me more than I ever thought possible. While working as an A10 maintainer I deployed to Afghanistan for eight months and got stationed in Korea for a year.  This job not only taught me all the technical aspects of making an airplane fly but it also relit a passion in me to never take no for an answer to when it came to my own dreams. Because I had to opportunity to be stationed overseas, I was able to travel to +7 countries where I got to experience and learned to love other cultures.


Myspace Webdesign

This might be funny to some but this is how I became a Web Developer at the age of 11 and found a love for programming. I started by just making MySpace designs “when that was a thing” by seeing how CSS and HTML works. This grew to wanting to be able to allow others to be able to do the same without learning code so I created a Generator that incorporated JavaScript, PHP, SQL, HTML and CSS and created a community who loved it. So, to sum things up. Do let your kids use MySpace or else the will become Mountain dew drinking code lovers.


Hello World!

It all started when I was a kid that loved taking apart his electrical toys “thinking he can put it together” but this just end with my mother yelling at me for having circuit boards all over the house. But this forced my father to take me to his machine shop where, at the age of 8, I learned to play with lathes, drills, CNC’s and probably a lot of stuff I shouldn’t be allowed to touch. But this is where I found my love for technology and I didn’t know it yet. So, my parents gave me a computer and as you can guess. I took it apart. But wanting to still use it, I actually put it back together and learned how to install all the games I can get my hands on.